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About Us

Our Story

What makes Rock Energy so darn special? Here’s our story. You decide!

As the industry leading energy services provider location in beautiful St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, we understand the importance of professionalism.

Rock Energy was founded in 1992 by Michael Bonaville II who recognized gaps in this market that he felt he could fill. And it was then Rock Energy was born. Since we now serve clients all across Canada and the US with ambitions of expanding our company in to the Middle East also by 2025.

We Get It!

We understand the needs of today’s energy sector workers and as such we strive to do our best at delivering only the best, highest level of service.

Work Ethic

At Rock Energy we operate with only the highest levels of what we call internally as “intense work ethic”.

Deeply Commited

With only the highest level of customer service we’ve graciously accepted awards for commitment for 3 years.

Highly Skilled

We’re proud of our team of highly skilled energy service workers and as such continue to support them.

Michael Bonaville II


George Kantstandya


Jennifer Tarter