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When it comes to providing the finest in customer service, Rock Energy reigns!

Commissioning & Startup

Unique industry leading approach to commissioning & startup with our top team of highly skilled workers

Integrated Solutions

We know automation. At Rock Energy we pride ourselves on our premium integrated software solutions

Oilfield Services

Our oilfield services division are highly focused on providing industry leading rentals to oilfield job sites

Energy Consultants

Our energy consultants division of Rock Energy boasts over 15 years of back-breaking negotiations experience with energy utility companies to ensure our clients get the best energy rates!


Looking to know more about energy deregulation and how this can impact your bottom line? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Driven by…

At Rock Energy we pride ourselves in our ability to go that extra mile for our clients. We understand the importance of integrity, transparency and honesty in today’s business world.


Solar Instalation at Meridian Centre
Enbridge Powerline Assembly

“Working with Rock Energy was every bit a pleasure. These folks know how to treat a client and others should take note!”

Danielle JARVIS

“These folks understand the complexities of the deregulated energy sector in the US”

Willey nesbit

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rock Energy on numerous projects and each time is amazing”

gregory knocks

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We’d Love to Talk About Your Next Energy Project!

We love hearing from thought leaders in energy. If you are working currently on a project and could use some outside review or advise, give us a call and let’s create magic together!